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Welcome to Pebble Beach Labrador Retrievers, formerly known as Ebbert Retrievers. I am a small hobby breeder located in San Diego County, and I raise a few litters of AKC registered Labrador Retriever puppies a year. I used to also raise Golden Retrievers but as I am getting older I decided to downsize a bit and concentrate primarily on Labradors, and decided on a fun name change for my kennel as well.

I am blessed to live on two acres with a pool, at the end of a suburban street, almost unheard of nowdays. Houses have popped up all around us and more are going in every year, but I am still happy to have my little oasis! My dogs have a couple of large exercise yards with obstacles to play on as well as covered kennels that they can run into in case of bad weather. Additionally they have house time and pool time, my dogs all love to swim! I have a large number of grandchildren that visit frequently and several neighbor children that visit nearly every day that I have puppies!

My puppies are born here and raised with tender loving care along with plenty of cuddle time and socialization with people of all ages, as well as large and small dogs. I have a large climate controlled kennel room with a doggy door to an outdoor area for mom. From birth to three weeks is the neonatal period where I keep a close eye on growth and development. I provide exercises to help develop my pups' neurological systems such as Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. At three weeks,my puppies are potty trained to go in large low sided boxes filled with pine pellets for ease in keeping their area clean and sanitary, and as a stepping stone to housebreaking. Pups are given plenty of age appropriate toys and a large crate with soft bedding in which they learn that the crate is a nice den. They exit the den to play and/or potty in the boxes which gives an excellent foundation for housebreaking. 

Once my pups begin the weaning process they are fed moistened super premium all life stages kibble formulated with the proper ratios for slow growth which helps to prevent joint disorders. Prior to going to new homes, the pups will be microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated and have had a complete physical by our veterinarian. The new family is provided with an information packet including a written health guarantee, detailed feeding and care instructions, AKC limited registration papers, vaccination/deworming record, and microchip registration paperwork as well as several handouts on best practices on raising and caring for your puppy. 

My adult dogs are thoroughly screened for potential health problems that come up in the Labrador breed prior to embarking on motherhood or fatherhood. They pass a hip clearance and an elbow clearance, where those joints are xrayed and the xrays are read and graded by an impartial board called the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. They pass a cardiac and patella clearance, are screened yearly by a veterinary Ophthalmologist for inherited eye disorders, and have DNA tests to rule out potential genetic disorders as well. You can be assured that I have done everything possible to ensure that any pups I produce will be free of inherited joint, cardiac, eye and genetic disorders, and I stand behind my pups. Overall I strive to produce the most healthy dogs that I can using the technology that is available to me in this day and age. 

Please feel free to contact me at anytime to talk about my dogs and puppies.